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Dario's Thoughts and Comments

Dario is a Toronto Business man that has some interesting faith thoughts, to make us think, perhaps in a different way on various subjects.

The Scriptures have great lessons for life. Here are a few thoughts on specific verses that you might find interesting, with comments from everyday living from our friend Dario.

We update these often so check back. If you wish to have them, each day, emailed to you, just let me know and I will pass it on to Dario. Dario is a member of CBMC, a great organization for business leaders.

Do Not Be Overwhelmed
What Gives You The Right?
A Date To Be Named Later
Don't You Get It
No Use Hiding
Who's Doing All The Talking?
Come On In, The Door's Always Open
Godly Catch 22
I'ts Not About Me
Overflow Me Lord
Give Thanks With A Great Full Heart
Focusing On The Sound
Locked, But The Door Was Open
What If
One Solitary Life
Click, Double Click, Double Click...Sigh
Three Keys to Stop
An Interesting Question
Eternal Life
I Will Write My Word Upon Their Hearts
I'm Not Saying Anything But
Forever Is A Long Time
I Don't Feel Like It
Knock Three Times
Shall We Only Accept Good And Not Adversity
I'm A Good Person
Dishwasher Safe
Always Wear Clean Underwear
Cuddle With The Lord
Our Chemical Makeup
I Had Forgotten
Falling off a Cliff
Working Backwards or Hindsight on God's Faithfulness is 20/20
On Earth as it is in Heaven
Are You a Doubting Thomas, or Fred, or Mike, or Jane?
For God All Things Are Possible
My Bodyguard
Soar on Eagles Wings
I Know What You Said But...
Mission Impossible
The First Call Initiative
I Must Confess
How Much Time Do You Want?
The Silence is Deafening
Life without Boundaries
Don't Go There
In Whom Will You Trust?
Be Like God
Good Food, Fast!
Speak For Yourself
Why Do You Ask?
Love One Another
Your Flight is Ready for Boarding
This Too Will Pass
I'm Not Saying Anything But
There's a Little Zacchaeus in All of Us
Worthless Worry
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