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JDS Hole IN One Insurance
Want to add excitement to your next Charity Golf Fundraiser?

Hole-In-One Insurance

Provide an attractive Hole in One Prize and get the attention of “Ace” golfers.
Reap the rewards of a higher number of entries, and higher proceeds.
You may be eligible for the package we have in place for a 29 Group of Golf Clubs.

Let our carriers insure a few of your Par 3 (150 Yards+) holes!  You pay by the hole, the prize value, and the number of golfers on the course. Give away Trips to Exotic Resorts, a set of Golf Clubs, Free Car Lease for a year, or even Cash! We’ll even throw in a donation to a charity of your choice! (20% of prize value). You decide the prize, we’ll insure it! It’s that simple!

Sample Rates Depending on Golf Course and Distance to Hole
Limit of Insurance    Premium per Hole    Each Additional Golfer
Up to $5000 $  165 $1.25
$  5001  to  $10,000 $  245 $1.90
$10,001 to  $15,000 $  345 $2.50
$15,001 to  $20,000 $  445 $3.15
$20,001 to  $25,000 $  545 $3.80
$25,001 to  $30,000 $  645 $4.75
$30,001 to  $35,000 $  745 $5.35
$35,001 to  $40,000 $  895 $6.30
$40,001 to  $45,000 $  1,260 $6.95
$45,001 to  $50,000 $  1,360 $7.90
$50,001 + Call for quote Call for quote


SAVE 35%!!!

Pricing is for the annual Total Summer Prize limit - depending on the amount used per hole (ie, $25k, $50k), per game or hole played, up to 144 golfers.

Some of your tournaments will have more than one hole with prize and that will account for 2 games. Coverage is for up to 365 days from the date the policy is put in place. If you use up your “Line of Credit” we will Top it up, or write a new policy.

Annual Line of Credit    Premium (plus RST)    Each Additional Golfer
$ 100,000 $  1,825 Call for quote
$ 150,000 $  2,756 Call for quote
$ 200,000 $  3,684 Call for quote
$ 250,000 $  4,575 Call for quote
$ 300,000 $  5,444 Call for quote
$ 350,000 $  6,391 Call for quote
$ 400,000 $  7,216 Call for quote
$ 450,000 $  8,019 Call for quote
$ 500,000 $  8,800 Call for quote
$ 1,000,000 $  16,500 Call for quote
$ 1,000,000 + Call for quote Call for quote

Subject to policy wordings and conditions.

You choose the hole, and the amount of insurance!
To ensure the success of your next Golf Tournament,
Call Mark Smith at our office 905-907-1418 Today !!!
Talk to our Golf Hole in One Specialist.
Rocco Scarano  Ext 215 or 905-907-1417.
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